Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Shoppe Update

Hey everyone! I'm squeezing in one more shoppe update this month before August ends, and it's a good one. I've got some new travel-themed cards, a much-requested destination (Japan!!), and some everyday designs that I hope you find fun and useful for your projects. There are five new journaling card sets and four digital stamp sets that are joining my previous release (earlier this month) in the new section of my shoppe. See them all over there or continue reading below as I talk a bit about each set.

Celebrate Journaling Cards
I've been thinking a lot about parties these days since I have a lot of friends and family members with summer birthdays, and that led me to design these cards with a 'celebration' theme in mind. Confetti cards, a little birthday cake, and even a balloon dog...who's excited for a party? :) This set is perfect for documenting all those happy little details and the reasons for celebrations, whether it be a birthday, an engagement or perhaps a baby shower.

Celebrate Digital Stamps

Click Journaling Cards
I am definitely a photography enthusiast and I enjoy taking photos in all occasions. I'm sure we all are, since photography plays a large part in our hobby of documentation and memory keeping :) These cards are pretty versatile and can be used for lots of everyday memories, whether they be taking selfies, photographing simple moments, or capturing the world around you. I had fun using both my own handlettering and clean fonts on these designs!

Click Digital Stamps

Journey Journaling Cards
Though I'm a big fan of color, there are times when I want to use black and white cards on my PL spreads and mini-album pages. Black and white designs are super versatile and go with everything! These b&w travel-themed cards are perfect for those moments where you want clean and classic designs that won't detract from your photographs. I foresee myself using these cards a lot on my own projects.

Journey Digital Stamps

Japan Journaling Cards No.1
Japan was one of the most requested destination themes and I'm so happy to finally release these in my shoppe! Honestly, this destination has always been on my to-do list but I had way too many ideas and it was hard to narrow them down. I finally stopped putting it off and got to work designing some cards that I thought would represent some of my favorite things about this beautiful country. It's no secret that Japan is my favorite escape! In this set, you'll find some things I illustrated and my personal favorite is the card with the kokeshi dolls. I couldn't resist adding little details like the patterns on their kimonos :)

Japan Journaling Cards No.2
Like I said, soooo many ideas for these Japan cards! Of course I had to make a second set ;) This set has some more little illustrations, like the bowl of ramen and the sushi. (I love Japanese food!) I also drew a castle icon on one of the cards - perfect for those castle visits! I've been three castles myself - Osaka Castle, Kanazawa Castle, and Kumamoto Castle....with a bunch more on my to-visit list!

Japan Digital Stamps

That's a wrap for my August updates! I hope you like these new designs! Which destination would you like to see next? I'm slowly crossing stuff off my list and would love some ideas on the cities/places you'd like to see in my shoppe. Aside from that, please continue to tag me on instagram at @inacreativebubble whenever you use In a Creative Bubble products on your projects. I love seeing them in use! Thanks for your support - happy Tuesday. xo.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Studio Calico // Cut & Paste

Cut & Paste, a brand new Studio Calico class that's taught by the talented Katie Licht, is all about collaging and art journaling. I've been a fan of Katie's work for years now and am excited to see her teaching at SC this month. She makes the most beautiful art and I admire her ability to layer papers perfectly without it seeming too busy or disjointed. Here's the description for this class:

Create your own unique work of art with just bits of paper, scissors, and words! In this class, Katie Licht shares her passion for transforming a blank journal page into a masterpiece of colors, layers, and patterns. Katie’s tips and techniques will help you discover how to unlock your creative potential and see how easy it is to use paint, paper, and more to create meaningful art journal layouts!

Included in this class is:

  • 6 video lessons from Katie, each exploring aspects of collage-making and art journaling in depth. Katie will be sharing new artwork, as well as examples from her past work that share tips on composition, painting, handcut elements, negative and positive space, and more.
  • 8 layouts from contributors that share their take on collage and art journaling
  • Interaction with Katie on a class message board during August and September
  • Challenges from Katie to keep you creating
  • While supplies last, Cut & Paste students will receive a 4" x 6" stamp set designed by Katie Licht
  • Live chat with your teacher and fellow students

Hope to see you in the classroom!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

2016 Project Life // April

April definitely does not feel like four months ago. Unfortunately, my Project Life has been on a bit of a standstill since I've been so busy these days. I think I've traveled more this year than I have in previous years, so that means a lot of schedule rearranging and finishing project deadlines early, resulting in me putting PL on the backburner. Of course, there's also everyday life stuff to prioritize. Sigh. I've got grand plans to catch up one day, but that isn't right now, ha. Anyway, here are my completed spreads for April.

In a Creative Bubble products: Friendship cards (blue card), Little Moments cards (love this + this/that cards), Recorded cards no.5 (famjam card), Little Moments digital stamps

I really like how adding digital stamps on photos is an easy way to decorate a spread while still maintaining the simple and clean look.

In a Creative Bubble products: Recorded cards no.5 (noted card), Days cards (Friday card), Little Moments cards (floral card - recolored to green), Daily Life cards (Documented card), Little Moments digital stamps

Digital stamps + chipboard embellishment ftw.

In a Creative Bubble products: Travelogue prompt cards (love this card), Spellbound cards (moon phases, glasses cards)

The Spellbound cards were perfect for documenting a Harry Potter movie night. I cut one of the 4x6 cards in half and added a label + phrase stickers. I really love how that turned out.

I also have some PL spreads I made documenting my trip to China in April, and I'll photograph and share those next. Happy Thursday!