Friday, March 17, 2017

Shoppe Update

I've updated the shoppe with the first release for March, and it was inspired by our (slow) shift to warmer temperatures and springtime! There are ten new sets in total - five sets of printable cards and five sets of digital stamps. Find them all over here, or stick around this post as I share my thoughts about each theme/set. Also, I moved some things over to the Last Chance category to make room for new things - these items will be retired on April 21st.

Here's what is new this month:

Bloom & Grow Journaling Cards
This set is loosely inspired by springtime and focuses on an outdoor/gardening theme. I chose a bright and fresh color scheme and there are bits of my illustrations and handlettering mixed in with some clean designs!

Bloom & Grow Digital Stamps

Coffee Break Journaling Cards
A coffee-inspired theme has been on my list for a while now, and I'm glad I finally completed this set! I decided to keep everything black and white so that the designs would be versatile enough to work with any of your photos. One of my favourite cards is the coffee list; I think it would be fun to use it as a filler card and to add a pop of color by highlighting what kind of drink you got (with either watercolors or a highlighter)!

Coffee Break Digital Stamps

Happenings Journaling Cards
This set features an everyday theme to help you document ordinary happenings in your life. I tend to need and use a lot of these kinds of cards in my own albums, so I hope you find them useful as well. As always, I like sticking with bright colors and clean fonts!

Happenings Digital Stamps

Spring Break Journaling Cards
I'm sure a lot of us have got spring break on our minds! I think the public schools are already out where I live, so that means lots of rest and relaxation time. This set can be used for documenting those fun holiday getaways or simple staycations at home!

Spring Break Digital Stamps

Arizona Journaling Cards
Last of all, I've got a new destination theme to add to my store - Arizona. This set was inspired by my trip to AZ last year, and I was blown away by all the beautiful places we saw during our drives around the state. It definitely exceeded my expectations and it was such a memorable trip!

Arizona Digital Stamps

That's all from me, for now. Hope you find something at In a Creative Bubble that interests you! Thank you for your continued support and happy weekend! xo.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Spring Sale!

Though I'm not a big fan of daylight savings (how does the one hour difference somehow make me feel jetlagged?!), I'm so ready for springtime, more daylight and warmer weather! To celebrate the coming of spring, I'm having a three day sale in my shoppe. Use the code SPRING2017 to get 15% off your entire order! Enjoy :)

Friday, March 3, 2017

2016 Project Life // Summer

It's been a while since I've shared my Project Life pages, but I'm still chugging along with my 2016 album. I made the decision earlier this year to continue working on my pages chronologically instead of jumping ahead to start my 2017 album. The primary reason was that I found if I left my 2016 album incomplete, it would be months or years until I actually went back and finished it, lol. Case in point - I did a major catch-up session in February, completing all the gaps in my 2013-2015(!!) pocket page PL albums. Yay for getting it done, but boy, did it take a while! So yes, perpetually behind, but still doing and enjoying pocket page documenting for everyday life.

Here are some spreads I recently finished, documenting last summer!

In a Creative Bubble products: Good Eats cards (fruit patterned card, diamond card), Perfectly Imperfect cards (orange/pink card)

I added an old pink Studio Calico label to the fruit patterned card to make a simple filler card. I thought the pink would pick up some of the colour in my niece's shirt and the ice cream.

In a Creative Bubble products: Watch List cards (green card), Rome cards (floral card), Spellbound cards (pure magic card), Local Wanderer cards (local wanderer card)

Instead of using the Watch List card to document just one TV show, I jotted down the names of all the shows I was currently watching and underlined the titles. I also added a chipboard music note tab to my Pure Magic card since I used the card to journal about a concert I had gone to. Intentional embellishments ftw.

For this spread, I wanted to balance out the dark fireworks photo so I added a navy blue business card (the one with three rice bowls) to the middle right pocket. This spread is one of my favourites :)

In a Creative Bubble products: Rome cards (yellow circle card), Forecast cards (blue/green card)

It's always fun incorporating some ephemera in my album. I cut up a paper bag from a local ice cream shop to fit in the 4x6 pocket (the bottom left pocket), and I simply used that as my journaling card.

In a Creative Bubble products: Watch List cards (blue card), In Review cards (simply the best card), Perfectly Imperfect cards (yellow card)

In a Creative Bubble products: Summer cards no.1 (blue summer adventure card), Perfectly Imperfect cards (blue/green floral card), Olympics 2016 cards (red team card), Let's Chill digital stamps

I like looking for 'white space' to add digital stamps to my photos before printing. Here, I used one from my Let's Chill set.

Other products used:

I have September - December of my 2016 album left to work on. Not too bad...I'm getting it done slowly and steadily :) Thanks for taking a look! Happy weekend! xo.